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specializes in social media advertising and growth consultation for eCommerce enterprises

About Me

Arthur Freydin is an entrepreneur, business leader and performance marketing specialist in New York City, NY. Notably, Freydin serves as owner and CEO at Tandem Marketing, a boutique marketing firm established in 2018.

A longtime advertising and marketing expert, Arthur Freydin helps eCommerce companies maximize brand outreach and scale sales efforts through paid advertising campaigns on social media, particularly across such popular platforms as Facebook and Instagram.

Freydin and the Tandem team specialize in social media advertising and growth consultation for eCommerce enterprises, taking on clients as projects with an initial ad spend as low as $3k a month, and utilizing such tools as creative development, audience testing and holistic business support to help them scale up to more than $100,000 per month.

Utilizing a 5-pillar paid advertising approach known as BASIC, Freydin and his team help eCommerce brands of all sizes and backgrounds scale their sales without constantly worrying about staying up-to-date with the ongoing changes in social media advertising.

Arthur Freydin’s proven advertising system empowers companies to:

Find their baselines and measure ROI and RoAS from the start

Create ads that get noticed and help lower CACs and CPCs

Scale winning ads while trimming those that are ineffective

Gather valuable intelligence and insight prized by senior leadership

Collaborate with all state-holding partners, which become an extension of their own marketing teams

An Extensive Marketing Background

Prior to Tandem Marketing, Arthur Freydin delivered top-level results as

Director of Marketing Services at ECommerce Partners (2017-18), a full-service ad agency specializing in eCommerce

Ecommerce & Social Product Manager at Adworthy (2016-17), a Pennsylvania eCommerce advertising firm

Director of Business Analytics at Beach Camera/Buydig.com (2014-16), where he led a 15-person marketing and product creation team

Director of Marketing at 2Modern, where he led all company eCommerce marketing efforts

Other notable roles on Freydin’s resume include Director of Marketing at HomeClick, LLC, Director of Online Marketing at Madison Commercial Real Estate Services, Senior Marketing Analyst at DOD Marketing, and Interactive Marketing Manager at Home Decor Products.

Learn more about Arthur Freydin and Tandem Marketing here.

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